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3 Useful Tips When Purchasing Cowgirl Boots

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If you’re a woman seeking cowgirl attire, one of the most important purchases you could make is a pair of cowgirl boots. There are many options, but these tips will help you find the right selection with relative ease.  Ensure Proper Size Although you may be interested in the looks of your cowgirl boots, sizing should always take precedence. You see, these boots fit much differently than traditional footwear. The foot area is often narrower, so you need to make sure you get an optimal size to remain comfortable. Read More»

Details To Consider Before Choosing Dri-Fit Apparel With A Mock Neck

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When you’re an athlete who is ordering some custom dri-fit apparel to wear during competition and practice sessions, you always want to choose garments that will be comfortable and conducive to your athletic pursuits. Whether you’re looking at short- or long-sleeved dri-fit shirts, one feature that you’ll notice on some is a mock neck. This term describes what is essentially a short turtleneck. There are lots of reasons to favor mock neck athletic apparel, but before you move forward with placing a custom dri-fit apparel order, it’s advantageous to consider several details. Read More»

Are You Planning An All-Girl Retreat?

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Is your club or organization planning a retreat for your daughters and any other girls that would like to join you? Maybe you are a business organization that promotes confidence in women. Or, it might be that you are a church group that is building faithful, courageous girls. No matter your group, from buying motivational apparel for the girls to planning inspiring activities, here are some ideas that might help you. Read More»

4 Ways To Rock An Over-Sized Vintage Shirt

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It’s always exciting to find a vintage t-shirt that features your favorite band or movie; however, this excitement might give way to disappointment if the shirt is larger than your normal size. Instead of leaving your great find on the sales rack, check out a few creative ways to incorporate an over-sized vintage shirt into your wardrobe. 1. Wear the Shirt as a Dress or Tunic One option for an over-sized t-shirt is to wear the shirt as a dress or tunic. Read More»