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Sew Warm: A Beginner's Guide To Sewing Outerwear Essentials For Winter

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If you are new to sewing and feel intimidated at the thought of trying to sew outerwear items, you are not alone. Often feared by beginners, coats, blazers, and jackets can evoke fear into the hearts of even some seasoned stitchers. However, sewing outerwear does not have to be difficult or challenging when you follow a few important guidelines and choose a simple pattern for your first project. Have the right tools in place Read More»

Find a T-Shirt That References Something from a Movie or TV Show

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When you shop for a new T-shirt, you may wish to browse the garments that feature throwback designs. You’ll see designs that feature all different types of subject matter, including retro movies and TV shows. It can be fun to wear a shirt that pays tribute to a movie or show you enjoyed as a kid, but you may wish to take things a step further. Instead of choosing a design that features the movie or show name, you can often buy shirts that reference specific things from movies and TV. Read More»

Great Reasons For Screen Printed Clothing

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There are so many reasons individuals, companies, or not-for-profit organizations would want to have shirts printed with designs of their own choosing. Individuals may want to have some shirts made that depict a drawing their child drew, a picture of the family, or anything else they want to show off on shirts. Companies often have shirts printed with fun graphics to give out or sell to customers, as well as for their employees to wear. Read More»