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Are You Planning An All-Girl Retreat?

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Is your club or organization planning a retreat for your daughters and any other girls that would like to join you? Maybe you are a business organization that promotes confidence in women. Or, it might be that you are a church group that is building faithful, courageous girls. No matter your group, from buying motivational apparel for the girls to planning inspiring activities, here are some ideas that might help you.

Motivational Apparel - Have you seen catalogs that carry T-shirts and hoodies that have great sayings on them? Think of designing your own motivational apparel for the girls to wear at the retreat, and to wear once they return home. You'll probably be amazed at how affordable it is to buy T-shirts and other motivational apparel that you design yourself. Consider what your budget is for the retreat, and how much money is allotted for things like apparel and go from there.

The expressions you could put on T-shirts are fun to consider. For example, you might choose pink T-shirts that say something like, I'm a girl - try to keep up with me! Another idea is to have single words appear in a column. Words like, Strong, Faithful, Motivated, Courageous, Focused and Smart are a few words that you could have printed on any color T-shirt or hoodie. Add a bit of humor with words like, Pretty. Smart. Unbeatable. Super Cute! are another consideration.

Inspiring Activities - Consider having workshops led by women who exude confidence and courage. Maybe you have a woman principal at one of your local high schools. Or, perhaps you have a woman ecclesiastical leader at the church you attend, or at another church. Those individuals might welcome an opportunity to address the girls at your retreat and to inspire them to greatness.

Or, have a reader's theater where the participants, maybe some of the girls themselves, depict strong women from history. Margaret Thatcher, Rosa Parks and Abigail Adams are some examples of women you could feature in the reader's theater. 

Plan outdoor activities, too. For example, have activities where the girls have to help each other to meet a certain goal. For example, an old-fashioned tug-o-war would be fun and the girls would have to work hard together in order for their team to succeed. A three-legged sack relay race would also be a good activity. Consider giving the girls alone-time outdoors, too. Maybe they could start a journal where they write down the kind of women they want to become and what they are willing to do in order to become those women. 

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