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Details To Consider Before Choosing Dri-Fit Apparel With A Mock Neck

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When you're an athlete who is ordering some custom dri-fit apparel to wear during competition and practice sessions, you always want to choose garments that will be comfortable and conducive to your athletic pursuits. Whether you're looking at short- or long-sleeved dri-fit shirts, one feature that you'll notice on some is a mock neck. This term describes what is essentially a short turtleneck. There are lots of reasons to favor mock neck athletic apparel, but before you move forward with placing a custom dri-fit apparel order, it's advantageous to consider several details.

Wind Protection

A big reason that many athletes favor mock neck dri-fit apparel is to protect their necks and throats from the wind. As such, you'll want to consider your sport and where you play it. For example, if you play indoors, a mock neck likely won't be necessary. However, if you pursue an outdoor activity such as cross-country running, field hockey, or football, and often find yourself in conditions that are less than favorable, the protection that the mock neck provides will be something that you appreciate.


You'll also want to give some thought to the amount that you sweat while you're playing your sport of choice. If you're a profuse sweater, you might be resistant to the idea of a mock neck shirt, because you may worry that the material that sits against your neck and throat will rub against your sweaty skin and cause irritation. One important thing to know, however, is that dri-fit material is ideal because it quickly absorbs sweat and then dries out, so this type of garment can be effective for reducing how sweaty you are around this part of your body.

Protective Headwear

Some sports require the use of protective headwear, and this type of gear almost always includes a chinstrap. Generally, a chinstrap shouldn't interfere with your mock neck apparel, but if you tend to wear your chinstrap loose — something that isn't necessarily advisable, but something that many athletes do nonetheless — it may come in contact with your mock neck. This can actually be a good thing, especially if you aren't particularly keen on feeling your chinstrap banging against your throat as you move. The thin, protective layer that the mock neck provides can reduce any irritation from the strap. This can result in one less distraction that won't get in the way of your concentration as you play your sport.