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4 Ways To Rock An Over-Sized Vintage Shirt

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It's always exciting to find a vintage t-shirt that features your favorite band or movie; however, this excitement might give way to disappointment if the shirt is larger than your normal size. Instead of leaving your great find on the sales rack, check out a few creative ways to incorporate an over-sized vintage shirt into your wardrobe.

1. Wear the Shirt as a Dress or Tunic

One option for an over-sized t-shirt is to wear the shirt as a dress or tunic. If the weather is chilly, just pair it with leggings or tights to add an extra layer of warmth. Pairing the piece with a form-fitting bottom layer is one way to help balance the largeness of the t-shirt.

2. Re-Purpose the Shirt

Another alternative is to re-purpose the shirt into a new item of clothing. There is an assortment of tricks to quickly overhaul the look of a t-shirt. Some options require basic sewing skills, but there are also plenty of no-sew alternatives. One idea that involves a little sewing is to upcycle the shirt into a peplum style top. You'll need a pattern for your top and a sewing machine. Just follow the pattern using your shirt as the fabric for the piece.

A no-sew solution is to add ties along the sides of your t-shirt. You'll need to cut both sides of the t-shirt completely. Then, cut evenly-spaced horizontal slits throughout the shirt on each side and tie these pieces together. One great benefit of this alternative is that you can easily adjust the size of the shirt by changing the depth of the slits and altering how tightly you tie the pieces of fabric together. Remove the sleeves or cut and tie them also for a better fit.

3. Add a Belt to the Shirt

You may have concerns that the large size of your t-shirt will provide an unflattering fit; a solution to this quandary is to add a belt to it. A belt will give your over-sized shirt a bit of shape that will provide a more flattering fit. Consider adding a belt at your natural waistline for a terrific look. You can also pull a bit of fabric over the top of the belt if you prefer a shorter hemline.

4. Knot the Shirt

Instantly alter the fit of the t-shirt by knotting one of the sides. This no-sew method requires no accessories or tools. Just gather the extra fabric on one side of the shirt. Then, make a circle with your ring finger and thumb. Pull the fabric through the circle. Twist tightly and loop it over your index and middle fingers until it encircles them. Pull the fabric through this circle to make the knot.

For more tips, visit your local vintage clothing store today!