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Sew Warm: A Beginner's Guide To Sewing Outerwear Essentials For Winter

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If you are new to sewing and feel intimidated at the thought of trying to sew outerwear items, you are not alone. Often feared by beginners, coats, blazers, and jackets can evoke fear into the hearts of even some seasoned stitchers. However, sewing outerwear does not have to be difficult or challenging when you follow a few important guidelines and choose a simple pattern for your first project.

Have the right tools in place

Like making any garment, pressing as you sew is important for a good outcome. A steam iron is vital for outerwear making and will make it easy for you to press your coat or jacket as you go to achieve a crisp and clean line in seams, sleeves, and collars. A tailoring board and clapper are also useful tools to have on hand for making outerwear.

Choose a simple pattern

Choosing a simple pattern for your first outerwear project can help you avoid feeling overwhelmed trying to learn new sewing methods. Look for jacket, coat, and blazer patterns with simple fronts that do not include a lot of details, darts, or fancy seams. Choose a pattern style that is loose-fitting and does not require a lot of work to achieve a form-fitted look.

Make a poncho

You only need basic sewing skills to create your own warm and cozy poncho for your winter wardrobe. Simple poncho patterns contain a few seams and are a great project to boost your stitching confidence in outerwear. And the best part is you get quick results because you can sew a poncho in an evening or a few hours on the weekend.

Topstitch like a pro

If you want to give even a simple outerwear item a professional look, topstitching is an easy way to do so. Whether your outerwear pattern recommends topstitching or not, adding it will make a difference in the finished look of your project. Topstitching around collars, front edges, and lapels will also help linings and interfacing to lie flat for a great finished look.

Having several outerwear essentials in your winter wardrobe is important if you want to stay warm this winter. Sewing your own outerwear is a great way to ensure you have quality and unique garments to keep you warm and looking great throughout the winter season. You will feel proud knowing you have one-of-a-kind apparel that is sure to get you plenty of compliments when you are out and about.

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