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Find a T-Shirt That References Something from a Movie or TV Show

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When you shop for a new T-shirt, you may wish to browse the garments that feature throwback designs. You'll see designs that feature all different types of subject matter, including retro movies and TV shows. It can be fun to wear a shirt that pays tribute to a movie or show you enjoyed as a kid, but you may wish to take things a step further. Instead of choosing a design that features the movie or show name, you can often buy shirts that reference specific things from movies and TV. These designs are appealing because the average person may not understand them, but when you encounter someone who knows the movie or show, they'll quickly get the message. Here are some examples.


You'll find a lot of throwback T-shirts that reference the fictional school from movies and TV shows. If you used to watch a show about teens attending high school, for example, you'll be able to quickly recall the name of the school. It's not difficult to find a retro tee that depicts the name and logo of the school from the show. When you wear this shirt, some people may simply think it's referencing the school you went to — when in reality, it's paying tribute to a fictional school from a show you watched many times when you were younger.


It's also common to see throwback design tees that make a reference to a fictional business from a movie or TV show. Many sitcoms, especially, are set in the workplace. This means that the characters will often talk about the company that they work for, and you'll see it appear on signs and perhaps even on characters' clothing. You can often find T-shirts that pay tribute to this business. You might enjoy buying one to wear, jokingly suggesting that you also work for this fictional company.


Another type of design that pays tribute to something from a movie or TV show is a design that references a bar or restaurant at which fictional characters often gathered. Many iconic sitcoms, for example, had frequent settings such as bars and coffee shops. Instead of buying a shirt that displays the name of the sitcom, you can shop for a shirt that references the name of the establishment that the characters frequented. Look for these and other fun designs if you want to buy a throwback tee that pays tribute to a movie or TV show.