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3 Reasons to Wear Foam Sandals Around the House Instead of Slippers

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If you are on the lookout for a new pair of indoor slippers, or house shoes, and suffer from foot problems, then you may be deciding which slipper type you can wear comfortably around the house without exasperating any current foot problems you have. However, you may find that most house slippers on the market today are made with foot warmth in mind instead of comfort or foot health. 

Before you purchase slippers that overheat your feat or worsen existing foot problems, read on to learn about the benefits of wearing foam sandals around the house this season instead of traditional house shoes or slippers. 

1. Allow Your Feet to Breathe

If your feet tend to sweat all day when you are working long hours inside of a warm office or workplace, then you should give your feet time to breathe when you are home to help reduce foot odor and prevent the development of athlete's foot. If you already suffer from recurrent athlete's foot or toenail fungus infections, then airing out your feet during the day is especially important to deprive the fungus on your feet of the warm, moist breeding ground it thrives in. 

If you do not like walking around your home barefoot to keep your feet free from sweat, then wearing a pair of foam sandals, or flip-flops, around the house can help you provide your feet plenty of time to air out without the discomfort of walking around barefoot. 

2. Help Prevent Ingrown Toenails 

Another foot problem that you can worsen by wearing close-toed slippers around the house all evening long is ingrown toenails. Ingrown toenails happen when the side of a toenail grows into the skin surrounding it, and this toenail problem cannot only lead to intense pain, but ingrown toenails can also become infected. 

Podiatrists often recommend that people wear open-toe sandals if they suffer from ingrown toenails. This option can help alleviate current ingrown toenail pain and prevent the development of new ingrown toenails since they don't place pressure on toes that can cause these ingrown nails.

3. Increase Comfort

Even if your feet are generally healthy, you may find traditional house shoes uncomfortable, especially if your feet tend to become too warm when wearing them. For this reason, you may skip indoor slippers altogether and walk around your house barefoot during the winter. 

While walking around barefoot is not a hazard, you may be surprised at how much more comfortable your feet and joints feel when you stop walking around on hard floors barefoot and instead wear foam sandals that reduce the impact placed on your feet and joints with every step you take indoors. 

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