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Three Benefits Of A Zip-Up Hoodie

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If you're shopping for a hoodie that features a design that reflects your love of Rasta culture, you might notice a few different options in stores and online. Often, you'll find some hoodies that zip up and others that you pull over your head. The first thing that may steer you toward a particular garment is the design on the front, but you should also give some thought to whether the hoodie is of the zip-up or pullover variety. Here are some benefits of choosing a zip-up hoodie.

Easier To Get On And Off

A big reason to choose a hoodie that has a zipper down the front is that the zipper helps to make this garment easier to get on and off. A pullover hoodie is fairly easy to get on, but getting the garment off by lifting it over your head can be a challenge. For example, this movement will often cause your undershirt to lift, too, which can be awkward and revealing. Additionally, if you have shoulder issues, the motion to take a pullover hoodie on and off can be difficult. You'll find that a zip-up hoodie is considerably easier to get on and off — and it won't lead to you accidentally baring your midriff.

Less Risk Of Pocket Sag

One of the most appealing design features of a hoodie is the belly pocket. It's not only a good place to keep your hands on cold days, but it's also ideal for holding any items that you're carrying. With a pullover hoodie, there's no zipper to divide the pocket. This means that the pocket is large, but the large size of the pocket can prompt you to carry big and heavy objects in it. This behavior will stretch the fabric over time and affect the look of the garment. With a zip-up hoodie, the belly pocket is actually two individual pockets. They're roomy, but not so large that you're apt to overfill them and cause them to sag.

More Temperature Control

A hoodie is a warm garment, which makes it a good choice on cool days. You may enjoy the look or fit of the hoodie enough to wear it when the conditions are slightly warmer, but doing so could heat you up considerably. With a zip-up hoodie, you can simply lower the zipper to a designed point, which will help to cool your torso. A pullover garment doesn't give you this perk, which could leave you feeling hot and sweaty.

For more information on Rasta zip-up hoodies, reach out to a local clothing store.