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Caring For Your Jewelry Collection

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Your pieces of jewelry can be some of the most beautiful and valuable things in your possession. However, there are many mistakes that individuals will often make that can result in their jewelry suffering unnecessary degradation or damage.

Opt For High-Quality Pieces Of Jewelry

When you are considering pieces of jewelry to buy, it is vital to invest in a highest-quality jewelry. Individuals will often buy lower quality jewelry that will often contain impurities or other cost-cutting measures. This can lead to these pieces of jewelry being at a greater risk of suffering damage or other problems due to routine wear. While high-quality pieces of jewelry will cost more, they can have much longer lifespans, which can limit your future replacement costs.

Invest In Suitable Storage Systems

Properly storing the jewelry is an important step for keeping it safe from damage. While jewelry boxes are fairly common, individuals will often fail to use jewelry holders or separators with these boxes. These are small inserts that can fit into the drawers of the jewelry box so that the various pieces of jewelry can be kept separate. Without these inserts, your pieces of jewelry may intermingle, which can increase the risk of them scratching or scuffing each other.

Leave Intense Cleaning Or Repairs To Professionals

While it is advisable to regularly wipe your jewelry to remove any oils or dirt that may have gotten on it, you should leave intense cleaning and basic repairs to professional jewelry technicians. There are many cleaning chemicals that can be highly corrosive to the precious metals and gems that are found in jewelry. 

Leaving this work to a professional jeweler will eliminate the risk of you accidentally using an overly harsh or corrosive chemical on your jewelry that could permanently damage it. These services are fairly inexpensive and fast. Furthermore, this is a type of cleaning that should only be needed every year or two, which can limit the costs of using these services to maintain your jewelry.

Purchase An Insurance Policy For Your Jewelry

The value of your jewelry collection can be its theft or destruction a devastating experience to suffer. This is especially true when individuals have failed to properly insure their jewelry items. Many insurance policies have special limits or procedures for insuring high-value items. You will need to review the exact details of your policy to make sure that it is providing sufficient coverage and that you have properly documented the jewelry. For example, many insurance companies will require these items to be documented or reported to the insurer before they are covered.