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Care For Your Military Boots The Right Way

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Your boots are your lifeline. Whether you're in the field, training, or in-country, you need your boots to protect your feet. How you care for your boots when they're not on your feet has a lot to do with how well they perform for you. Learn what you can do to keep your military gear in tiptop shape. 

Keep Them Dry

Your military boots will be fine in wet weather. However, you should still try to keep the boots dry when not in use. If your boots are wet, remove as much moisture as you can from the boots before you put them away from storage. 

In addition to removing water from the exterior of the boot, you can line the inside of the boot with newspaper to draw out the extra moisture. Storing boots while they're wet can cause the materials to break down, which shortens the lifespan of the boots.

Clean Occasionally

Military boots are built to withstand all sorts of elements. For this reason, the shoes do not require the same level of care as traditional boots. However, you should clean the boots from time to time, such as when they have dirt or other organic matter on them. 

Dirt can trap moisture, which can speed up the deterioration of the fabric on the boot. To clean the boot, you should be able to use a boot brush to gently brush the exterior of the boot. You can wet the brush in a water solution to help loosen the dirt if it's dried into the fabric. 

Break-In the Right Way

Break your boots in the right way. The wrong way to break a boot in is to soak the boot in water. If you've read that this step is helpful, don't do it. You will only cause more harm than good. The best way to break a boot in is to wear it. 

When you first get your boots, wear them for short periods of time so that the boot can start to form to your foot. The more comfortable they get, the longer you can wear them. Additionally, remember that a military boot should fit snugly, but it should not be tight. 

Make sure you keep your boots in good condition so that you can get the most wear from them, and most important, stay comfortable. You should also make sure you invest in a quality boot. With your care and a high-quality boot, you can guarantee a great deal of use and the best protection for your feet.