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Cloth Diapers Showing? Never Fear. Here's What To Wear To Cover Them Up!

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Let's face it: you can tell when a kid is wearing a cloth diaper. Whether it's peeking up past the waistline or clearly obvious through the pants, you can see it. Cloth diapers are better for your baby, for the environment, and for your wallet, but they just look bulky. In fact, it's impossible to get certain items of clothing to fit over them! But don't worry. There's no need to stop using cloth diapers. Here are some ways to get around the bulkiness and still have your son or daughter looking fashionable.


For girls, dresses are a great solution. Pair a dress with some leg warmers, and you've got an outfit! Since dresses flare out at the torso, you won't need to worry about one not fitting or looking awkward. Longer length dresses are good if you don't want to do leg warmers. Skirts are another good option if you prefer two piece outfits.

Custom Made Jeans

Cloth diapers are becoming so popular that some brands, like Chunkabuns, are offering custom jeans that will fit a cloth diapered bum! The extra space makes sure that your baby will have a full range of motion and you won't have trouble getting the pants up over the diaper. Although they can be pricey, these are a great option. They are usually adjustable so that they will fit your baby as he or she grows, making them worth the price.

Vintage Rompers

Check out thrift stores for vintage styled rompers. These often are baggier in the bum and torso, leaving plenty of room for a cloth diaper. Create a boho outfit with a romper and a wide-brimmed hat. This is perfect for a summery day.

Loose pants

Harem pants and palazzo pants are all the rage lately. Since these styles tend to fit looser, they will go over your baby's cloth diaper no problem. Harem pants generally have elastic at the ankles, while palazzo pants are loose all the way down. Either gender can wear these, and they're incredibly versatile.

Onesie Extenders

Can't get over that cute onesie that just doesn't fit with a cloth diaper? Try a onesie extender. If it's a close fit, this might be all you need to make space for the diaper. While we're on the subject of onesies, take a look at different brands. Some fit tighter or looser, so you might be able to find one that stretches enough to fit over a cloth diaper.

See? Your baby doesn't have to give up cute clothes just to use a cloth diaper. The options are endless!