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Nine Tips To Look Better In Your Favorite Dress

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Your favorite dress is perfect to wear for a special occasion, night-out, or simply because you want to feel pretty. Make sure that you look your very best with some simple tips and tricks that can make a difference with your overall appearance.

Nine tips to look even-better in your favorite dress are:

  1. Wear a waist-trainer. Waist-trainers are giving women that curvy silhouette that they are looking for. Plus, a waist-trainer helps support the back, which can make you stand straighter; this will also help you look great in your favorite ensembles.
  2. Have it dry-cleaned. It is amazing the difference that dry-cleaning can make. Before you put-on your favorite dress, have it professionally-cleaned to ensure that it looks its best and smells fresh.
  3. Keep it simple. Show-off your favorite dress by keeping things simple; don't add bulk or cover-up the details of your dress with gaudy jewelry, heavy scarves, or dramatic makeup that takes the attention away from your outfit.
  4. Give it some steam. If your dress is prone to wrinkling, give it a quick-steam before getting dressed. This will give it sway and movement, while ensuring you are on-fleek.
  5. Opt for comfort. Nothing erodes confidence like discomfort or pain; make sure that you are comfortable when preparing for your event or outing. Wear shoes that are broken-in and not too-tall, and don't try to squeeze into anything that is too-tight or ill-fitting.
  6. Save your swimsuit. When summer ends, don't pack away your one-piece swimsuits. Wear your one-piece underneath your favorite dress as an underpinning or shaper that will keep you looking lean and tight.
  7. Invest in a slip. Though they are not as common as they used to be, a slip can greatly enhance the look of a dress. First, they prevent it from being too transparent or see-through, and second, it helps the dress hang well, which flatters your figure.
  8. Go ahead and wear hose. Unless you are headed to the beach, go ahead and wear pantyhose under your dress. Hose make your legs look amazing and it gives you a firm support across your abdomen and thighs. Tuck a spare pair in your bag in the event that your hose gets a run.
  9. Keep your skin moisturized. Make sure to moisturize your skin so that it looks healthy and glowing when getting ready to wear your favorite dress.

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