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Cute Cruise Clothes: Nine Items You Don't Want To Leave Home Without

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When planning your cruise vacation, there are some clothing items you will not want to leave behind. Cruising is casual, yet there are still events and on-board activities that will merit bringing along some essential garments and ensembles.

Nine cute clothing items you will want on your next cruise are:

1.Your waist-trainer. These are perfect for a little extra-support when you are exploring new locations, and they will also make you look long and lean in your formal attire!

2.Some sweet tees. The perfect pairing with all your shorts, skirts, and jeans are graphic tees. Choose bold patterns in bright colors, and select shirts made of organic cotton when possible.

3.Comfy cotton-skorts. Cotton skorts are really the best of both skirts and shorts, providing the perfect outfit for an outing or adventure. These are often found in the sportswear department of your favorite department store or online boutique.

4.A tunic dress. A tunic dress works in a couple different ways: first, it is casual enough to throw on over your swimsuit, and second, it can be paired with sandals and jewelry for a club or fine restaurant during your vacation.

5.A kitschy kimono. Choose a kimono with a kitschy or whimsical print to update a classic cruise essential. These are comfy for drinking coffee on your balcony, or for wearing to the Captain's table for dinner at night.

6.Your cocktail dresses. Don't forget to bring along your favorite black cocktail dress- and make this the time to pick up a new one, too! Cruises are full of photographers capturing every moment of your vacation; create some great vacation photos by dressing-up in a variety of outfits for lots of pictures to choose from.

7.Cover-up options. Make sure to bring cover-ups to toss-on over your bathing suit or to wear when going ashore. Choose light, gauzy fabrics with beading, lace, or other embellishments that add visual interest and some pizzazz.

8.A flirty peasant-skirt. A light and flowing peasant skirt is super comfortable for sightseeing or relaxing after a long day in the sun. Pair with a simple tank or a basic white tee shirt for an effortless cruise ensemble.

9.Lots of tanks for layering. Pack lots of tank-tops to layer and wear with all of your outfits during the trip. This is also a great trick for hiding a small sunscreen stain or spot that might lurk on one of your tank-tops, without needing to do laundry during your vacation time.

Use these tips when packing for your cruise to ensure you have the cute clothing items needed for all of your vacation activities. Visit online ladies boutiques and vendors like Pretty Girl Curves to find great deals on these nine integral items!