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Preparing Your Son For The Workforce: 3 Tips To Teach About Cultivating A Professional Appearance

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Over the years, you have invested tremendous time, effort and money in helping your kid make major academic achievements. While you can see the end of the line now that graduation is nearing, you still can't help but worry about how your son will succeed when they consider dressing up wearing a new t-shirt. Fortunately, your son will continue to mature in the upcoming months, and you can give him a jump start by sharing these tips on cultivating a professional appearance at work.

Invest In Good Shoes

There is no denying the attraction of a brand new pair of shiny dress shoes. While it might be tempting to skimp on shoes when your son lives on an entry-level salary, the truth is that a quality pair of leather shoes can last for many years. They will also be less likely to get scuffed up, and he will be more productive when his feet are not hurting. Encourage your son to buy two pairs of quality dress shoes in different colors that he can alternate to extend their length of wear.

Choose Quality Accessories

People really do notice the little things, and a well-chosen watch or tie clip can instantly add a touch of class to an otherwise boring suit. Accessories are also conversation pieces that people might use as an opener while networking, and your son should always assume that people may judge him according to his taste. Therefore, start your son off with a quality pair of cuff links or a classic watch that makes it clear to others that he cares about the little details that matter.

Never Underestimate the Power of a Good Fit

Too often, people ruin an otherwise perfectly lovely suit by wearing one that came directly off the rack. Teach your son to have his suits tailored since shoulders being stretched at the seams or sleeves dangling below his fingertips just makes him look sloppy. Custom fit ties are another must-have that will give him an edge when it comes to showing up to work looking pulled together.

This upcoming generation may value casual Fridays and place more emphasis on what a person does instead of their looks, but the truth is that appearances still matter. As your son enters the workforce, make sure to spend a little bit more time and effort helping him cultivate a professional appearance that helps him reach his career goals.