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Six Pairs Of Shoes That Belong In Every Man's Closet

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The right pair of shoes can make or break an outfit, and that includes a man's wardrobe ensembles. Make sure that you have versatile shoes made from high-quality materials to last and complete your favorite clothing this season-- and all year round!

Six pairs of shoes that every man needs are:

1. Loafers. A great pair of loafers is a classic look that never seems to go out of style. Make sure to buy authentic leather for durability, and so they will become even more comfortable and broken-in each time you wear them. Don't forget to put a pair of shiny pennies on the split-strap across the top for good luck!

2. Boots. Every man needs at least one pair of boots in their closet, whether these are work boots, rain boots, or cowboy boots! These provide protection during inclement weather and are a natural complement to a great pair of jeans. Get your feet measured and fitted to find the best pair of boots that will be comfortable to wear.

3. Wing-tips. For a sophisticated element to your wardrobe, you can't go wrong with wing-tips. The wing-shaped accent across the top of the foot and toe provides a retro look that is perfect for dress pants, suits, and even tuxedos. Want something a bit flashy? Opt for wing-tips in contrasting colors, such as black and white, that will really show off the detail in these classic shoes.

4. Thongs. Men need something comfortable to throw on when heading out to check the mail or run to the store; try a pair of comfortable thongs! These are usually found in split-toe (AKA flip-flops) or slides, and many wearers may have a distinct preference. Look for leather thongs or waterproof varieties that won't be harmed by weather or wear.

5. Deck-shoes. Another must-have is a pair of deck shoes. These are usually made of leather or vinyl, with slip-proof soles. These shoes may slip on or could tie up, depending on the style and brand. 

6. Cap-toe oxfords. Top-off your shoe collection with a classic pair of cap-toe oxfords. The elongated toe is flattering under the hem of your pants, and the cap-toe is just the right amount of detail for your formal attire.

Visit shoe retailers, like Finley Shoe Store, and sites to find these six pairs of classic, versatile men's shoes. These are the perfect way to finish and accent any ensemble or outfit, and they promise comfort for the wearer. Use these suggestions to round out your closet and to buy the best shoes for any occasion!