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Own A Business? 2 Services You Can Offer Your Employees To Make Their Lives Easier

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If you own your own business, you need to do what you can to keep your employees happy. This will allow you to your best employees so they do not leave and go to your competition. Below are two things that you can do for them to make their lives easier.

Dry Cleaning

If your business requires business dress from your employees, it can be difficult to clean some clothing. For example, some types of clothing can only be dry cleaned. Other clothing may not have to be dry cleaned but still more difficult to clean at home than other clothing.  Some clothing that should be dry cleaned include:

  • Clothing that has a lining
  • Clothing that has sequins or beading
  • Wool suits
  • Pleated pants, dresses, and skirts
  • Delicate material, such as rayon and silk
  • Fabric blends

Contact a local dry cleaners in your area to see if they can come to your business to pick up the clothing, and then bring them back after they are cleaned. Talk with your employees about what they are willing to pay for this service. If the dry cleaner will charge the same rate for everything, you could offer to take this amount out of your employee's paychecks to make things even easier on you and them. Chances are many of them will love this type of service because it will save them a lot of time as well as save them money in gas.

Concierge Service

If your employees have demanding jobs, it may be difficult for them to find time to do things like taking their car for an oil change, booking tickets for an upcoming vacation, booking hotels, booking transportation, such as airplanes, limousines, and taxis, or finding someone to take care of their pet if they have to go away on business. To help your employees with these tasks, you can offer a concierge service for them. This will be less stress on your employees' personal lives.

A concierge service can also offer your business many benefits. Your employees may be much more focused and productive. They will be more loyal to your company, as they will feel appreciated.

What the concierge service will charge will depend on the company that you hire. You can choose to pay for this service so it is a true benefit for your employees. The employees will likely have to pay for the cost of the actual service, however, such as the cost of an oil change, travel costs, or concert tickets.  

Talk with your employees about these services to see if they would like them. They may also want other services so you can choose what would be best for you.