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Clever Ways To Recycle An Old Fur Coat

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Even if you don't approve of wearing fur, there are many ways to reuse and recycle a fur coat  that are environmentally friendly. Try some recycling ideas to ensure that this fur doesn't up in a landfill, and that it gets use in a new and useful way.

Some ideas for recycling a fur are:

Donate to charity.

Probably the best thing you can do with a fur that you don't choose to wear is to donate it to a charity that uses these for a variety of purposes. Wildlife rehabilitators and animal rescue groups often use these to nurture small animals, and to keep them warm when their mothers are not near. Search online for groups that gladly accept furs for their causes or charities.

Convert to cuddly toys.

If you sew, consider turning a fur into a cuddly toy, such as a teddy bear. Some companies will buy old furs to use for making stuffed animals that have a vintage flair. Consider turning the old fur coat of a loved one into a "memory-bear' or other plush toy that will remind you of the relative every time you look at its furry face.

Turn coats into throw rugs.

Cut down a fur coat into a warm and snuggly throw rug; these rugs will be the soft, cozy spot where your pets will want to curl up! Simply cut around the arms or neckline, and remove the liner to create your unique throw-rug. The best thing is that since fur doesn't fray, there is no sewing necessary.

Make pillows with panache.

For a chic home accent, cut down the fur coat and stitch the sides to make a sleeve for a throw-pillow or accent-pillow. These are sophisticated and soft, and are an excellent way to recycle a fur.

Create a pet bed for your fur-baby.

A fur coat makes the perfect lining for your pet's bed. These mimic the feeling of another warm body, which will make them want to snuggle in to sleep. Cut down the coat to fit a kennel, bed, or crate, and be sure to remove any embellishments, such as buttons or hooks, that could pose a choking hazard.

If you don't wear fur, consider getting the most out of an old fur coat with these recycling tips. It makes sense to make the most from these furs and pelts, and to honor the animal by optimizing its use and utility. Try these projects to recycle a fur, or donate your coat to a cause that will be sure it goes to good use. Remember to have the fur repairs by a professional like Herman Sellers Gough Furs Furs before donating it.