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Things To Consider When Buying Men's Dress Socks

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Although your dress socks may not be the main focal point of your outfit, choosing the right pair can help make your outfit look well put together. Here are a few things you should consider when purchasing a pair of men's dress socks:

Should the socks be long or short?

For dress socks, it is important that the socks extend high enough up the leg to cover your skin when you sit. As you sit, your pant legs will be slightly elevated. The small area of your leg that will be displayed should only reveal your socks. No skin should be visible.

What color are the socks?

If you're looking for the perfect pair of dress socks, they don't have to be black. In fact,  black can sometimes detract from an outfit, especially if the outfit is light in color. Instead, you should look for dress socks that are a similar color to that of your pants if you want the socks to be more demure. However, if you don't want the socks to blend seamlessly with the trousers, you can choose a pair of patterned socks that complement the pants of your outfit. The pattern of the socks should include the trouser color as one of the hues in the socks.

If you are even more expressive in your style, you can choose a contrasting sock color. However, the contrast should look intentional and still blend with your overall style.

What is the best material for men's dress socks?

The best material can vary based on seasons and comfort.

If you regularly have cold feet, wool can be a great material for your dress socks. Wool helps insulate warmth, while still allowing air to flow to your feet.

If you tend to suffer from sweaty feet, cotton can be a great selection for your socks. The material easily absorbs wetness. Still, cotton can be somewhat warm, so using the material during hot summer months may cause your feet to sweat even more.

Synthetic materials are great options for dress socks. Acrylic and polyester both permit air to flow to your skin and are usually not bulky. Thus, if you're looking for a thin dress sock to take up minimal space inside your dress shoes, synthetics may work well.

If you are planning to buy men's socks online, be sure to review all the available colors, length and material options.