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Picking Leggings To Wear During Pregnancy

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Leggings have become quite popular in recent years, and nobody is more thankful for that than pregnant ladies! It's really nice to be able to wear soft, stretchy pants when your body is constantly growing and changing. But while leggings, in general, are a great choice for pregnant ladies, not all leggings are created equal. Here are some tips to help you choose the absolute best ones for your pregnant body.

Look for high-rise leggings.

Low-rise leggings are likely to ride down when you're pregnant, and mid-rise ones will probably sit at an uncomfortable spot on your belly. So, look for high-rise leggings. You can pull them right up over your belly, which will keep them up and also help you feel a little cozier and more supported. If you pull the leggings on and feel they are too tall, you can always fold the waistband over. Later in your pregnancy, when your belly takes up more space, you can then unroll them.

Opt for 4-way stretch fabric.

Some leggings are made from fabric that stretches two ways. These may work fine for ladies that are not pregnant, but as a pregnant lady, you really need ones made from 4-way stretch fabric. This allows the leggings to stretch up and over your belly without feeling too tight.

Buy leggings with pockets.

Pockets are nice to have in leggings, whether or not you are pregnant. But when you're pregnant and it takes more effort to get up and grab something, pockets are extra important. You can stash your essentials, like your phone and key, in the pockets so you don't have to bring a bag when you go for a quick walk. And don't forget to consider pocket placement. Pockets on the side of the leg tend to the easiest to reach when you're pregnant.

Choose soft fabric.

Instead of buying leggings with a smoother, spandex texture, look for ones made of soft fabric. The fabric is less likely to irritate your skin when you're dealing with issues like dry skin, stretch marks, and sensitive skin, which are quite common during pregnancy. Leggings that are soft on the inside but smooth on the outside work well, too!

Wearing leggings is a good way to stay comfortable in your clothing while pregnant. Consider the above advice and it will help you choose the very best pregnancy leggings. Once you find a pair you like, buy them in all sorts of colors.

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